Health Benefits of Milk 2.0

Health benifits Milk 2.0 Almond Cashew milk.jpg

Extremely high in macro and micro nutrients

1. Benefits heart health: Cardiovascular system and LDL reduction by having high amount of unsaturated fats such as oleic and linoleic fatty acids, fiber and magnesium.

2. Bone Health and Connective Tissues: Great source of minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus to support bones and connective tissues. 

3. Aids digestion and overall gut health: consists of high amount of insoluble fiber and polyphenols

4. Supports brain function memory and concentration: with the help of wide antioxidants profile (flavanoids, whole range of vitamin E: alpha, gamma, delta - tocopherol, squalene)

5. Hormone Production: Vitamin B6 improves hormones production


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