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The next generation of
plant-based Milk.

Nutritious, velvety smooth plant milk, now available for weekly delivery in select Auckland Suburbs.


A complete, guilt free meal replacement.

Crafted with premium ingredients sourced from all over the world, Milk 2.0 is completely plant-based and free of any nasty additives, refined sugars and gluten. It also provides a huge variety of nutritional benefits.


As smooth as the real thing.

We wanted to create a plant-based milk that was highly nutritious and completely plant-based - but retained the velvety smooth texture of milk. It wasn’t easy, but after many months of testing - we think we’ve done it.


Crafted with over 21% nuts & seeds.

A lot of almond milks consist heavily of fillers & preservatives that do nothing but keep the product on supermarket shelves. We’ve created an all natural blend packed with real goodness.



Globally Recognised.
Handmade in Auckland.

Milk 2.0 is manufactured in a commercial kitchen in North Auckland, but we were recently invited to the TED conference in Vancouver to showcase our cruelty-free vision for modern milk.



Why Milk 2.0?

We set out to create a highly nutritious snack or meal replacement for any time of the day, packed with everything the body needs to run smoothly, and no nasties.


What people are saying so far…

Since launching Milk 2.0, we’ve been lucky enough to share our product with friends, family and customers all over the country. Here’s what a few have said about our product:

Can confirm that this milk is absolutely delicious. Creamy, chocolatey, not too sweet.
— The Curious Avocado Blog



Weekly Delivery is Here!

We’re making the weekend milk delivery exciting again.

Milk 2.0 is now available via Saturday morning delivery subscriptions. Sign up and we’ll send up to 3 large 500ml bottles of fresh milk for you to enjoy throughout the week.