How it works



1. Choose your flavour.

We offer delivery of both of our core flavours; Pure and Choco. We don’t currently offer mixed subscriptions due to demand, but we’re working on this!



Tell us how many bottles you’d like.

Currently we can deliver one or two 500m bottles per customer, per week. We’ve found for most people this is enough to get through the week, although we know a few who can’t resist the Choco flavour for long.



Wait for Saturday to roll around

We’re out and about delivering Milk2.0 from 8am until 12pm every Saturday morning. If you’re home, we’ll knock and say hello - if not, we’ll leave your Milk in a chilly bin so it stays nice and cold for your return.



Enjoy, rinse, repeat!

We’ll keep delivering your delicious Milk2.0 until you tell us to stop. Hopefully you’ll love it so much that you’ll keep your subscription going, but we do allow you to cancel any time you like, so no need to worry.

Also, if you could please leave your bottles out for us to pick up each week - this way we can re-use the glass bottles and do our bit for the environment.