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Why Start Milk2.0?

For me there’s no question the world should make more of an effort to consume plant-based food. It’s better for us and the planet. Water consumption, emissions and land consumption are all impacted heavily by milk production in particular. So I’ve always been a big fan of plant based milk.

However, while the nut-milk market already has a huge number of brands and products already, and while there are some great options - I’ve always personally felt that something has been missing from nearly every option. For example:

  • Taste & texture are often completely compromised

  • They don’t actually contain a whole lot of nuts (ours has 10x the average)

  • They’re filled with chemicals and additives

  • They use UHT or HPP to keep them consumable for a long time

I really wanted to see if I could craft a blend of all natural ingredients that not only provided amazing nutritional benefits, but actually tasted great and had a smooth, thick texture just like dairy milk.



Hey guys! Kristina here, the founder of Milk2.0

I moved to New Zealand from Russia in 2015, and have loved every minute so far. My journey to create the perfect plant based milk started about a year ago, and has recently burst into life in the form of Milk2.0. We’ve had such a amazing response to the product so far, and even got the chance to showcase our vision at the TED conference earlier this year. I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months has in store.

THANK YOU for your support so far.

- Kristina