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Weekly Subscription - Mixed Flavours

From $22.50 Per Week




Filtered Water, Almonds (11%), Cashews (10%), Vanilla bean, Himalayan salt.


Filtered Water, Almonds (8%), Pumpkin seeds (8%), Cashews (5%), Raw Cacao Powder (4%), Dates, Vanilla bean, Himalayan salt.

Why Subscribe?

Subscriptions are great for a couple of reasons. Since we’re coming directly to you, we save on costs associated with being stocked in a big store, and the setup costs of our pop-ups and market appearances.

As such, we price the subscription-size bottles (500ml) at the same cost as our the 250ml bottles on our main store - and we also don’t charge you for delivery. As mentioned, you can also cancel your subscription any time. So it’s a no brainier!

Key Delivery Information

  • Delivery bottles are 500ml each, not 250ml as featured in the photos

  • Subscriptions are only available in central Auckland. Check your availability here.

  • Deliveries arrive between 8am & 12pm on Saturdays.

  • You can pause, change or cancel your subscription any time by messaging us via email, on Facebook or Instagram.


 Choose Your Subscription:


1x Choco, 1x Pure

$22 per week


2x Pure, 1x Choco

$30.50 per week


1x Pure, 2x Choco

$35.50 per week